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december 5-11

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We want it to be just right. Like a mirror held to our faces. One full of light reflection, holding the sacred and messy truths of every day life. It is to be a space for exploring how we could build the bridge from either/or to both/and where love and life and art and ritual and motherhood coexist.

But the universe nudged not yet, you have more work to do. And she handed us some unexpected gifts of soul-work and home-work, trips to faraway places, illnesses, and luminous clarity. We knew that even though we were so, so wholeheartedly buzzing with joy and excitement for the work  SPARK, this was not the right exact moment in time. And so we've tucked it away beneath the ribs where we can still feel it beating against the bones. It's not for now–it's coming toward us, arising in the next breath cycles.

This is the sometimes missing piece of manifestation and expansion: the release of what wanted to be that cannot. The release of the original incarnation of a vision. The art of accepting this release and staying open to what shows up next, open to the heat of possibility. 


Show us. Tell us:  
Where do you feel the heat? 
What is rocking you at the core?  
What leaves you emptied, spacious, possible, open?

Alisha & robin

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